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Ennead‘s Natural History Museum of Utah appears in an article by Julie Iovine in today’s Wall Street Journal.   She writes that the new museum in Salt Lake City “makes an assertive break with formality. It plays up today’s educational mantra of experience, discovery and interconnectedness over yesteryear’s emphasis on order, direction and significance.”

Read more comments and description in the full WSJ article.

More of Jeff’s images of the project can be seen at EstoStock.  Or have a look at his most recent portfolio.

ArchDaily has created a new AD Round Up titled Architecture in the Snow.

Jeff Goldberg’s photographs of the Natural History Museum of Utah by Ennead Architects is included in the collection.

Click here to see this new AD Round Up, or here to see the full ArchDaily coverage.


Jeff Goldberg’s photographs of the Natural History Museum of Utah appear in this month’s Architectural Record.

Designed by Ennead Architects, the museum in Salt Lake City gives a new home to the Museum and postions itself firmly in the landscape.

Read the full article in the Architectural Record here.

There has been terrific press about this project since its November opening – read more in the eOculus newsletter, at ArchDaily,  or hear a public radio broadcast here.

The Museum’s website if full of information about the building and its many programs.



Jeff Goldberg was just in Salt Lake City and sent this note:

While shooting at the Natural History Museum of Utah, in Salt Lake City,
which opens on Novemeber 18th, I came across this interesting image…
a snow-graph.  This time of year, in Salt Lake City, the freshly fallen snow
often melts by midday.

Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Jeff Goldberg has been in Salt Lake City twice in the past month shooting Ennead’s new Natural History Museum of Utah.

His images are in a recent New York Times Travel post.  You can read it here.

In January Jeff’s photographs of the Museum will be in the Architectural Record.  Stay tuned for more details on that article.