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Two projects that Jeff Goldberg photographed were among the winners of the 2013 Architecture Lighting Light & Architecture Design Awards.

A Special Citation for Community Engagement with Lighting was given to the Lantern Field.  The temporary, interactive installation was commissioned by the  Freer and Sackler Galleries and designed and run by students and faculty from the Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.

The public was involved in building the folded mulberry paper lanterns in a day long workshop.  Once installed, the piece became a highly interactive and multisensory experience. To that end, they positioned a combination of linear, color-changing LED fixtures and ultrasonic sensors along the loggia’s east wall, and a series of white LED spotlights at the base of the loggia arches. As the sensors detected visitors in the space, the luminaires and speakers would activate, projecting reflected light onto the paper lanterns above. The more people who were present, the deeper and richer the color, hue, and tone that they experienced. Once the installation was complete, it pulsed with a spectrum of sound and color—from cool white to deep magenta, encouraging guests to explore the space and activate the light and sound around them.

More about the project is at the Architecture Lighting site.  There is also a slideshow of Jeff’s images of the project.

The other day David Sundberg was in Times Square and photographed the B I G heart.

This public art project by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, commissioned by the Times Square Alliance, is described on the B I G – Bjarke Ingels Group site:

A BIG red heart pulses with glowing light in a grove of glass rods.  A single person can activate the beating heart, but joining hands with others will make the heart beat even faster to create a brightly burning heart.  The heart conducts the flow of people, air and touch to bring its heart to life.  The 10-foot-tall glowing sculpture consists of 400 transparent, LED lit, acrylic tubes that form a cube around a suspended red heart.  The transparent tubes refract the lights of Times Square, creating a cluster of condenses city lights around the heart.  The hovering heart will pulsate faster reflecting the chain of human energy in the heart of Times Square.

David’s images were tweeted by Bjarke Ingels and also appear on their site.  The B I G heart images are also in a CBS news story.

Happy Valentines Day from Esto!


While not very far afield, Peter Mauss found something very special.

Peter writes:

While going to various Architectural League programs at Cooper Union during Fall and early Winter, I fell under the spell of a wonderful project called “Flaming Cactus”  by the Animus Arts Collaborative (in collaboration with the Dept of Transportation and The Figment Project,

The artists used thousands of Zip-Ties (those plastic click ties for securing all manner of items) of different colors to adorn, festoon, enliven the street-lamp poles all around Cooper Square.  Sometimes they would start at the bottom of a pole and go up 20-30′, other times just a small or medium section would be treated.

The result is a colorful, surprising, inexpensive way to totally “jazz” up the streetscape!!


See more about the Flaming Cactus project here, and see more of Peter Mauss’ work here.

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