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While not very far afield, Peter Mauss found something very special.

Peter writes:

While going to various Architectural League programs at Cooper Union during Fall and early Winter, I fell under the spell of a wonderful project called “Flaming Cactus”  by the Animus Arts Collaborative (in collaboration with the Dept of Transportation and The Figment Project,

The artists used thousands of Zip-Ties (those plastic click ties for securing all manner of items) of different colors to adorn, festoon, enliven the street-lamp poles all around Cooper Square.  Sometimes they would start at the bottom of a pole and go up 20-30′, other times just a small or medium section would be treated.

The result is a colorful, surprising, inexpensive way to totally “jazz” up the streetscape!!


See more about the Flaming Cactus project here, and see more of Peter Mauss’ work here.