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The Museum of Modern Art in New York has announced that it will raze the American Folk Art Museum building on West 53 Street in New York. Designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, completed in 2001, the building interferes with MoMA expansion plans. The headline in The New York Times reads, “Overshadowed, and Now Doomed”.

In the weeks since the initial announcement, there has been a flurry of outcry about the decision. Of special note, and few minced words are the following articles:

Martin Filler’s article in the New York Review of Books;

an open letter from the  Architectural League;

and Ned Cramer’s editorial in Architect Magazine.

To honor the building there is a new Esto Gallery, also at Architect Magazine.



While not very far afield, Peter Mauss found something very special.

Peter writes:

While going to various Architectural League programs at Cooper Union during Fall and early Winter, I fell under the spell of a wonderful project called “Flaming Cactus”  by the Animus Arts Collaborative (in collaboration with the Dept of Transportation and The Figment Project,

The artists used thousands of Zip-Ties (those plastic click ties for securing all manner of items) of different colors to adorn, festoon, enliven the street-lamp poles all around Cooper Square.  Sometimes they would start at the bottom of a pole and go up 20-30′, other times just a small or medium section would be treated.

The result is a colorful, surprising, inexpensive way to totally “jazz” up the streetscape!!


See more about the Flaming Cactus project here, and see more of Peter Mauss’ work here.