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This week on Archidose, Ezra Stoller is the weekly dose.  The timing aligns with the book launch and exhibition for Ezra Stoller Photographer that opens at Yossi Milo Gallery on January 24.

In the Archidose article, John Hill writes about the importance of Ezra Stoller’s work on the future of both architectural photography and on photography in general:

Stoller’s desire to capture the right view in the right light, be it getting up before dawn or standing in one spot for hours is common practice with the numerous photographers working all over the world today, but it actually stems from Stoller’s pioneering work; his setting of the bar high. Ezra Stoller, Photographer makes it clear that the same patience and care extend to his photos of the domestic and industrial. These images may not have defined Ezra Stoller as we think of him, but they are an integral part of his extensive portfolio and a treat to behold in these pages.

Peter Mauss/Esto

Peter Mauss’ images of Bernard Tschumi’s Parc de la Villette in Paris appear in  Supercrit #4: Bernard Tschumi, Parc de la Villette edited by Samantha Hardingham and Kester Rattenbury.  For more see Archidose